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2019 CLTAV Conference and Annual General Meeting

2019 CLTAV Conference and Annual General Meeting

2019 CLTAV Conference and Annual General Meeting was held on 6 and 7 December at Univeristy of Melbourne.
CLTAV in collaboration with the University of Melbourne had its state training conference on the implementation of newly revised VCE Study Designs, namely, Chinese Second Language, Chinese Second Language Advanced, Chinese First Language and Chinese Language, Culture and Society. The training focused on formalisation of new formats of external oral and written examinations for 2020 onwards. 



日期:2024年3月23日  时间:下午2:00 – 4:40

题目 主题 主讲人

When Melody Meets Mandarin


2:00 – 2:30 在语言教学中, 歌曲是一种有效的工具,能够从多方面提升学习的效率和体验。 例如可以用在听力训练,发音练习, 词汇扩展等方面, 也可以提升学生的愉悦感和自信心。 然而适合汉语学习的歌曲很少, 因此长期以来歌曲在教学中的利用率不高。 我们这个Workshop 将向大家介绍一系列专门为中文学习而设计的歌曲,歌词的设计参考了常用的教材如“你好” “进步” “轻松学中文”等。每一首歌都有一个主题, 例如打招呼, 数字, 家庭, 宠物, 运动, 食物等。 我们将讨论在教学的不同阶段, 怎样高效率使用这些歌曲。 最后会介绍一些配套的免费教学资料如Lyrics, worksheets, vocabulary list等。 Fiona Feng: Songwriter and founder of Melody Mandarin

AI integrated in secondary Chinese teaching and reporting 中学汉语教


2:30 – 3:00 分享一个好用又专业的微软AI软件Azure,其中的“文本转AI语音”功能十分强大,可以用于多种语言教学的听力材料的音频制作。这样省却了许多真人录音的时间和精力,也规避了很多口误发生。我会展示如何注册以及如何使用,费用几乎为零。我也想和大家分享在第一语言课堂上使用ChatGPT的利与Demi Lu: more than 10 years of experience of teaching first and second language in secondary section, capable

弊以及一些bugs,如果时间够,我也可以快速展示一下如何使用ChatGPT来写学生报告 of teaching VCE and IB, published a textbook for the first language teachers and students in 2018


3:00 – 3:30 分析汉语词汇教学的问题,讲一下怎样帮助学生提高词汇量。 Wei Ha: Head of Chinese at Camberwell Grammar School with an extensive in teaching Chinese, assessing and publishing relevant texts

Chinese Language, Culture and Society: Unit 3 and 4

Movie Analysis and General Teaching Tips

3:30 – 3:50 This workshop aims to delve into pertinent concepts of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism as portrayed in the films 'The Farewell' and the documentary 'The Last Train Home.' Aligned with the VCE Study Design of Chinese Language Culture and Society, the session offers a platform to explore cultural themes echoing the essence of these philosophies. While the school-based assessments and final exam do not specify particular ideas and concepts from the Three Teachings, this workshop serves as a catalyst for critical thinking and dynamic discussions. Participants are expected to possess some background knowledge of the prescribed texts of Unit 3 and Unit 4, as well as familiarity with Unit 1-4 content. Ling Zhao: Head of Chinese at Stawell Secondary College., overseeing the coordination of the Chinese teaching program across all feeder primary schools and our secondary college. Teaching Chinese in rural schools presents unique challenges, but our dedicated Chinese language team has successfully established a robust program that spans both primary and secondary school curricula. Our goal is to inspire students to excel in language proficiency and deepen their cultural understanding.

How to Run Speaking Activities Successfully in Chinese Class
There are two key issues associated with classroom learning activities: a) Provide a varieties of language learning activities to our students; b) Each language Ron Lee:: An extensive experience in teaching Chinese as

3:50 – 4:10 learners have an opportunity to participated in the activities. 1. The tongue twister is a fun way to conduct Chinese speaking activities for the beginners. The resources of tongue twisters: (a) have been published; (b) created by yourself. 2. Lucky dip ( three versions ) – a warm-up activity prior to the student’s performance. 3. Tripartite dialogue is an efficient way to improve students’ listening and speaking skills. a second language over past 30 years both in the weekend school and day school settings from Yr 5 to Yr 12. Currently at Haileybury College.


4:10 – 4:40 l 《轻松学中文》简介 马亚敏 北语出版社

2023 CLTAV SLA and FL Writing and Speaking Competitions

CLTAV 于2023年11月3日举办了今年的SLA and FL Writing and Speaking Competitions。
       第一名: Yiyang Xu (Box Hill High School)
       第二名: Lily Xu (Lauriston Girls' School)
       第三名:Shangqinhan Wu (Ruyton Girls' School)
      第一名:Alice Xu (Methodist Ladies' College)
      第二名:Juniper Jin (Methodist Ladies' College)
      第三名:Mars Chen (Scotch College)


CLTAV 于 2023年8月29日在Melbourne Town Hall举办了 CHINESE CULTURAL DAY 中国文化日。此次活动由CLTAV 以及University of Melbourne,La Trobe University 和 Victoria University 三所大学联合承办。

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