For teachers who wish to incorporate incursion activities for students. Here is possible one for consideration.
Please find the websitea and attached file below. There are some testimonies by students and teacher who have had experiences working witht them.
Some comments from Year 3 classes: 
  *   My favourite was the lion dance. Now I know what the lion is doing when it’s dancing!
  *   The costumes were so beautiful! I loved wearing them!
  *   This is the best Friday in my life. I learned so much about Chinese culture just in one day!
  *   The drums were so cool! I loved playing with all the instruments! It was really fun!
  *   I felt like a fairy dancing with the fans in the Chinese costume.

Feedbacks from Ms Grace Wen:
Aaron and Nita are very easy to communicate with. They are experienced in school incursions and gave me many good advices to plan for the day. They clearly know what students are like and what they are interested in. The workshops were well structured, intensive and productive. The resources and skills they brought in were rich and authentic. Our Year 3 parents were amazed to watch their Children’s various performances such as fan dance, ribbon dance, lion dance at the end of the day. I will definitely invite the team back in future!