Day Two of CLTAV CONFERENCE @ University of Melbourne

Below are the summary of the contents from Day 2 of the conference.
Day Two
  •  Dr. Jing Han gave a very stimulating talk on engaging students, translating and the miracle program “If You Are the One’. Dr. Han translates this Chinese Program for SBS and she outlined why 50 million viewers watch the show. It is also a very popular show in Australia and displays Chinese culture which is very accessible to the audience.
  •  Why is it popular? Because it is ‘Entertaining’ and ‘Culturally Engaging’
  •  Dr. Han used this program to highlight how teachers may choose relevant material to interest students.
  •  Today teachers worked into groups and reflect on these aspects in planning for this new course.
  •  Tonight we will have the CLTAV Annual Dinner at the East Imperial Restaurant, Carlton.
  •  One of our sponsors Mr. Galton Gao(Butterly Travel) will be drawing 2 raffle prizes (return air tickets with China Eastern Airlines).