Day One of CLTAV Conference @ University of Melbourne

Below are the summary of the contents from Day 1 of the conference.
Day One
  •  The official opening of the Conference began with a very supportive speech by the CEO of the VCAA Mr. John Firth. He has obviously been very supportive of the New VCE Chinese Culture and Language course. He also stated that other Australian States are also looking at this new initiative as Victoria is taking the lead with the most number of students studying Chinese.
  •  Maree Dellora- (Manager, Languages Curriculum,VCAA) also gave an excellent overview of the new course. The 150 attendees also had the opportunity to give suggestions and feedback.
  •  Dr. Ying Zhu- (University of SA-Australian Centre for Asian Business) gave a very wide ranging address on the Chinese Phenomenon and the underlying history and cultural aspects of the ‘Chinese Dream’. This talk was very challenging and had the participants thinking about the relevance of their teaching and how to engage student’s interest and learning.