Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Chinese Language Teaching in Victoria & Implementation of
Revised VCE Chinese Study Designs
7- 8 September 2018
Theme of the Training Course (Conference)
The newly revised VCE Chinese Study Designs for Chinese Second Language & Second Language Advanced as well as the VCE Chinese study design - Chinese Language, Culture and Society and their Perspectives
This year the VCAA has finalised its review on the twelve VCE languages including the combined study design for Chinese Second Language and Chinese Second Language Advanced. The revised study designs will be implemented in schools in 2019.
During 2018, although schools can still use the current VCE study designs for Chinese Second Language and Chinese Second Language Advanced, it is time for those teachers of Chinese involved in VCE Chinese to start their preparation for the implementation of the revised Study Designs along with VCAA’s series of Implementation Workshops for teachers of Chinese. CLTAV will follow VCAA’s guidelines to play its leading role in assisting our members, in particular teachers of VCE Chinese to be familiar with all the new requirements in the revised study designs.
The new VCE Chinese study - Chinese Language, Culture and Society has been offered at Unit 3 & 4 level for the first time in 2018. Of course this means its first external oral and written examinations will be held this year.  To help our teachers of Chinese teach the course, some discussions will be run on how to prepare your students for their newly-formatted both oral and written examinations. In addition, the revised resource book for the course will be available at the conference.
Through this course non-Chinese background students have been given an excellent opportunity to delve into the cultures of Chinese speakers, and it is hoped that this study will offer non-Chinese background students more confidence and encouragement to continue their Chinese language learning at VCE level. If all of these goals are achieved, it will certainly strengthen Victoria’s leading role in Chinese language teaching and learning in Australia and the world.